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    Jay Kowalik Photography
  • About my business
    We are Jay and Jack - wedding photographers with "wings" and the creative duo behind Jay Kowalik Photography.
    We believe that life is just far better when you love the one you are with. We share our lives and passions with each other - we're best friends and real soul mates. We simply believe in real life love stories, most of all because we live one.
    The mix of emotions, tears and waves of laughter during that special day of yours, is why we are so passionate about the wedding photography. It makes us really excited and honoured to know that we've been chosen to preserve those fleeting moments and that all those beautiful memories will be cherished and admired by you and your family in years to come. We want you to know that our photography does not simply record how things look. We like to get a bit creative to document organic moments and take pictures that capture real feelings and people's interactions during your wedding day. "Be Yourself, relax and have fun" it's our motto that we want you to follow to enjoy your wedding to the fullest. Are you looking for something a bit different and alternative to the wedding photography you have seen before? If your answer is "YES!", then we will probably be a good match and we are already excited to hear from You about your BIG DAY's plans.
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    Mid-Range- £900-£1800