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    SMP Weddings
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    Shooting a wedding for me is all about creating a timeless set of images which take you right back to the moment every single time you view them. My aim is for the images to be informal yet intensely atmospheric, with an intimacy that makes a viewer feel as if they were there even if they weren’t. I take a documentary approach by listening and watching what’s happening around me without ever intervening or directing. I photograph the day as it happens, anticipating moments and always looking for an interesting perspective. The biggest compliment for me is when a bride cries (through happiness!) when she sees the images, I know then that I've really done the day justice.

    The second biggest compliment is when I’m told I must have been everywhere yet they hardly noticed me. It’s very important to me to remain discreet, I have a huge amount of respect for the emotional intensity of the day and as soon as a person (or people) are aware that they are being photographed the dynamic has changed and the moment has gone, so discretion is something I work hard at. Wedding days fly by at an insane speed, it’s a very euphoric and momentous day, so having someone tuned into all the small moments as well as all the big ones makes for an incredibly intimate and atmospheric set of images.
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    Mid-Range- £900-£1800


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