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    Essex Wedding Photographers
  • About my business
    Lister & Bishop are Mark Lister and Robert Bishop, and we both live in Essex, UK.

    We are quite different from other wedding photographers out there in the market, as a professional musician, I have played almost every type of gig (including hundreds of weddings and functions) I know how weddings, functions, concerts and gigs work. My passion is photography, and I started off as a landscape photographer, my photographs then led to many friends asking me to shoot their special day, or other musician friends asking me to shoot their gigs.
    Back in 2013 I decided to actually start taking bookings for various photography gigs (modelling, sports and fitness, portrait, weddings and concerts) including many weddings and private parties, which eventually led me to being asked to be the official band photographer for Heatwave (You might want to look them up if you're under 30!). I also met Mark around this time and he has been a photographer since 2002 when he started shooting weddings and portraits, and working with models to build portfolios.

    As photographers with a large amount of experience, and internationally published in magazines and print and websites such as Practical Photography, VanityHype and Jack the Lad Magazines Royal Photographic Society, and iStock.
  • Style of photography
    Mixture of styles
  • Price range
    Mid-Range- £900-£1800


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