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    Dimitris Andristos Potography
  • About my business
    Dimitris Andritsos is one of the most modern wedding photographers in Greece with ever-growing presence abroad. His long-lasting career in the field of wedding and in making portraits has shaped his own particular and quite special aesthetic and view that makes him distinguishable; the emotions are captured through his lens in elegant, delicate but mostly human-centered portraits. The couple has the leading role in the most important day of their life.
    Timelessness is the key word in Dimitris Andritsos’ work. The day of the wedding, everybody experiences feelings of joy and happiness which remain unforgettable for both the couple and their families. The photographer’s “duty” is to capture all these feelings, all the once-in-a-lifetime moments and present them in a wedding album full of memories of their wedding so that it could last through the time reminding them their “forever” promise.
    Modern and classic at the same time with a different and innovative vision that remains faithful to the tradition of wedding, Dimitris Andritsos presents the artistic essence of bridal shooting.
  • Style of photography
    Mixture of styles
  • Price range
    High end - £1900-unlimited