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    lizabeth (EL) is a fine-art wedding + lifestyle photographer living in upstate New York. She travels through out the country to capture "Love Stories." Elizabeth states that: "When it comes to photography, I try not to catch just the image itself but the beauty sorrounding it along with the story attached. I believe that every individual has a unique personality and taste for this world, which I love to portray in my photographs taken. Whether it's engagements, weddings, senior photos, or just photographs in general I love to capture the beauty of the moment and display the uniqueness of the photograph."
    You may wonder what the name of this site means. La Vita è Bella translated means "The Beautiful Life" & "Life is Beautiful." She states that: "Even though we may stumble and fall we can still get back up; it just takes a little bit of faith. Elizabeth has gone through many road blocks and has fallen numerous times but still with her faith and simple memories she has kept going. "I want to bring these memories to life through the photographs taken. I want people to look back and remember it like it was yesterday. I want them to not only see the photograph but feel the moment as well. Taking photographs isn't just a hobby for me. It's a testimony. "Elizabeth's desire is to not to be the difference but to help make a difference.
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