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    Amoureux Weddings
  • About my business
    The story of Amoureux Weddings is the story of Luke and Austen. Austen, an American photographer, was on a multiple month long trip to Paris when she began corresponding with an Englishman named Luke. After weeks of unending conversation he took the train from London to Paris. In a moment that felt like a movie, we kissed for the first time in the train station in Paris. From then on we couldn’t be without each other. When two creatives find love beautiful things can happen. Amoureux was born when it came time for our wedding stationery. Together we developed a fully custom wedding suite. Luke’s formal education in the arts comes in the form of a Fine Art degree from the Winchester School of Art in painting. While Austen’s comes from working in the entertainment industry traveling the world with musicians and under the tutelage of world renowned photographer David LaChapelle. Together we believe anything is possible and should be pursued in the creative realm.
  • Style of photography
    Mixture of styles
  • Price range
    Range of packages for all budgets