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    Both were born in Lincoln where we also grew up, well Hannah travelled a bit then moved back at the age of 5 and now live in Hartsholme where there are lots of trees and landscapes to capture.

    Starting from a young age we have been interested in photography both picking up a film camera and annoying our family members taking lots of photos.

    Chris's first experience was going to a steam rally show and his mum passing the camera over and letting him loose, forever reminding him to wind on the film to take the next photo. 

    After bugging his parents about the photos to see if they had been developed, 25 years on he still has them. Even if they have a finger or two in the shot.. but hey he was only young.

    Hannah, on the other hand, was gifted a film camera which had a Tiger on the front. 

    Growing up with grandparents who loved documenting everything in life and creating family trees a moment was never missed. And now many years on she has all those memories of important family members and moments in life to look back on.

    One of our hobbies is aircraft, both coming from an Army/ RAF background with Chris's grandparents being part of the Army and RAF, then Hannah's family all being in the RAF and her living on RAF Bases as a child. 

    We love to visit museums and airshows to experience those famous mechanical birds that made our forces what they are today. 

    A camera is never too far away either to photograph them.

    We also love football and meeting legends in the sport such as Kevin Keegan and having the privilege to photograph him at a sportsman's dinner and of course collecting memorabilia for our man cave. 

    We are very family orientated and love capturing other families special moments, ask our doggy Lottie she constantly has her photo taken even though she rolls her eyes at us.

    Both love listening to music, dancing, being creative and love a giggle.

    As a couple, we love capturing and seeing another couples love for each other especially at weddings and pre-wedding sessions.

    Every wedding tells a different story and every couple has their own little quirks and uniqueness nothing or no one is the same which makes our job very intriguing and exciting.

    It's so rewarding to capture all these special moments in our client's lives it gives us a great feeling of joy.
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