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Wedding Photography - B/W vs Colour

B/W vs Colour

Wedding Photography - B/W vs Colour

Photography is said to be a very subjective thing so, all the following is only my opinion as a photograher and observer. Weddings are a celebration full of emotion and captured moments and presenting them as a story leads to many a discussion of distractions via colour. Life is full of colour - lack of colour usually represents dull, lifeless and void of joy. So, why do so many photographers insist on using black and white to represent one of the most joyous days of life? Can we really argue that seeing a photograph in colour actually distracts from the emotion of that scene? 

Wedding Albums What Are They Worth?

Wedding Costs

You have set the date for your wedding, arranged the ceremony, booked the venue for the reception, ordered your wedding dress and the dresses for the bridesmaids, flicked through the brochures and picked your honeymoon destination. Yes you have been busy, but there is still more to be arranged and your budget is not as healthy as when you started.

OK what's still to be organised, there is the groom and bestman' s outfits, cake, flowers, photographer, cars the list goes on and on. How is the budget? Looks like you are going to overspend, not unusual, but is there anything that you can economise on.

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Wedding Photography - Pro or Amateur? by Dominic Lee, AMPA

Why book a professional wedding photographer

In days of film, many would-be photographers couldn’t cope with the long sleepless weekend waiting to see if the “Photos came out” and gave up on the career before they even got started.

The Digital camera was probably invented by a wedding photographer. Seeing the results instantly he or she can head home knowing they’ve got the job covered.

Suddenly there are thousands of wedding photographers where there used to be dozens.

As a result, a whole new style of wedding photography has emerged. I’m not talking about fancy words like “Reportage” which in fact has been around for decades, in the 70s & 80s it was called “Off the Cuff”.

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