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If you're a professional photographer you probably know how it feels to run a business on your own. No work colleagues to chat to about the latest media or political scandals. No one to ask about the best place to source top quality wedding albums. Or maybe you just want some feedback on your latest website design.

Wet Weddings in Wales

Don’t let the rain spoil your day



When it comes to a wedding you can never guarantee the weather. So when choosing your venue have a think about what if it rains. Most venues have rooms or grand staircases where you and your photographer can capture some artistic portraits of the bride and groom but what happens when comes to the wedding party. Yes your wedding venue has a lovely room to hold your wedding breakfast but what about space to allow for group photos.

Why we love Confetti shots!

A set of wedding pictures without a confetti shot just has something missing !

With all the red-tape and rules and regulations about these days, it isn't always easy to spontaneously throw confetti about - but with a little planning and preparation that quintessential wedding shot will be yours !  It symbolises a kind of rite of passage and is exactly the kind of fun and colourful image that couples always love to look back on for years to come.

Retouching your Wedding Photos after the big day

Improving your Wedding Day photographs

So, you get the photos back from your big day and they are great, but not quite perfect. The photographer has some fantastic skills, the day was perfect but there is just something not quite right. Have you considered having the images digitally altered to make them exactly how you want?

Professional photo editing can make any photo just how you want it and the results can be so natural nobody has to know but you.

Some common requests for retouching include:

Blemish Removal

This is the most common request, probably because it is the most common problem – you wake up in the morning to find a spot has appeared that not even make-up can conceal.

A professional digital artist can very easily and cheaply remove the offending spot and leave completely unblemished skin.


Airbrushing does not have to look fake, professional natural airbrushing should just remove blemishes, smooth wrinkles, improve skin tone, remove under eye bags, creases etc. Airbrushing can knock years off of a person and look completely natural

wedding airbrush retouch blemish


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