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Help for the Bride and Groom

Help for the Bride and Groom

Advice for the bride and groom searching for a wedding photographer. Essential wedding photography guides

How can you help me find a wedding photographer?

There are several ways you can use findaweddingphotographer to narrow down your search.

Wedding Photography Styles

Confused about the styles of wedding photography available? There are three main styles of wedding photography and it is important to understand the difference.

Wedding Group Shots

Wedding group shot photos are an essential part of any wedding. Your wedding may be one of the few times when you have all your friends and family together in one place and possibly the only time you spend a lot of money on hiring a professional photographer.

Wedding Photography and Copyright

Find out who really owns the copyright to your wedding photographs. Copyright can be a bit confusing.

Top ten ways to help your wedding photographer

There are many articles on wedding photography sites about questions you need to ask your wedding photographer before booking but what happens after you’ve chosen your wedding photographer?

Top ten questions you should ask your wedding photographer

Find out what you should be asking your wedding photographer before booking.


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