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Perfect Wedding
From our initial meeting with Chris and Ken, it became apparent that they are extremely passionate and committed to their work. It was obvious that they both have a great talent for photography. They took the time to visit our venue prior to the wedding even though it was a 3 hour round trip - it showed that they genuinely cared about presenting our wedding day in the best possible light. This gave us absolute confidence that our photographs would be fantastic and they really are. Chris and Ken have done a wonderful job of capturing our special day and we are truly thankful.
We have an amazing array of photographs (600+) which tell the story of our day. Furthermore, they have produced a slideshow of photographs set to carefully selected songs as a m memento of the day. The time spent on our photographs has been phenomenal and it sets Ken and Chris apart.
To say they are customer focused is a huge understatement. They literally couldn't have done more for us. On a personal level we have both enjoyed spending time with Ken and Chris before, during and after the wedding! They are both a lot to be around and we would now go as far as to call them friends! I'm summary, professional, passionate.... Perfect!
Once again, thank you so much.
Stephen and Kathryn Gibson


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