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Ask a Friend to Photograph your Wedding!

A cautionary wedding photography tale

It’s tempting in these times of austerity to get a friend or relative to photograph your wedding. What could possibly go wrong? They have quite an expensive camera and one day they hope to pack in the day job and turn professional. You are actually helping them out. Doing them a favour as they get to build their portfolio. Please think again. There as so many stories appearing at the moment of people who have done just that and lived to regret it. 

 Take Jackie Sanderson and her new husband Adam. They were left with no wedding photographs after trusting the job of capturing their big day to their friend and ‘budding pro’, Ben Fagan. After the wedding Ben left the memory card containing their images in his wallet and a week later he was involved in a pub brawl and lost his jacket. Jackie and Adam returned from their honeymoon to discover that they had no photographs of their big day.

Don’t let this kind of thing ruin your wedding. Make sure you book a professional wedding photographer to cover your wedding

Wedding photography is incredibly demanding and wedding photographers protect their reputations by never letting this kind of thing happen. They have back up equipment and cover themselves by often shooting with two memory cards in their cameras. Everything will be backed up in triplicate after the wedding. Most wouldn’t even shoot an entire wedding on one 16GB card. They prefer to shoot on several smaller cards so that not everything is lost if something goes wrong. Which it won't. It is why they are called 'professional'.

Don’t end up in the Daily Mail like Jackie and Adam - make sure you budget for a wedding photographer you can trust! 

You can read the full story here. If that doesn't make you see the benefits then nothing will.

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