Choosing The Best Wedding Photographer For You

Breaking down the process of choosing your photographer into more manageable parts, to ensure you are not overwhelmed

Choosing The Best Wedding Photographer For You

It is your big day so everything has to be flawless, and in order to capture everything perfectly, you need to choose the best photographer for you. On your big day it could be argued that choosing the right photographer is one of the most important decisions you will make. This is because this is the person who will be immortalising all your memories, and you want everything to be captured in the way you have always imagined. But with all the other decisions and problems you have to deal with before your wedding, how do you make the job of choosing your photographer as simple and effective as possible? There are a few simple guidelines to make sure you and your photographer are on the same page… 

  1. Do you know what style you would like your pictures to be? This is the time to trawl through the pictures of your friends and family to see what they went for, and decide what you like or dislike about their photographs. Also start looking at the style of photographers in your local area to see if any appeal to you. TIP: Some good photographers can be booked up to two years in advance! So make sure you make a start early when it comes to choosing the right one.
  2. Are you going to provide them with a shot list? A shot list is a list of the posed pictures that may want the photographer to orchestrate for you. If you are happy to let the photographer use their skills and experience to decide the posed pictures, that’s great. Otherwise you should provide explicit instructions to avoid disappointment.
  3. Ensure you meet with the photographer This is really important, if only for your peace of mind! To avoid any nightmare scenarios, you must ensure you get along with your photographer and feel comfortable asking for what you want. A pushy photographer could end up leaving you with less than ideal memories from your wedding day
  4. Try to arrange a free pre-wedding photo shoot Most good photographers should offer this without you having to ask. It is the best way to alleviate any camera shyness, and will also give you a preview of how the photographer is likely to act at your wedding. Don’t worry if you feel they are not right for you at this point, you should not be under any obligation yet.
  5. Time to talk money… In order to avoid any hidden costs springing up, make sure each of you are clear about the chosen package and agree on the costs if you decide to choose extra images. Make sure you get something definitive and in writing, make sure you don’t lose it before you receive any images!
  6. After the Wedding... So it’s all over and you’ve received your pictures. Hopefully your pictures are perfect and exceeded your expectations, however there is a chance you may not be fully satisfied. Whichever one of these scenarios applies to you, it is important you leave feedback for your photographer online. This will either help them become more successful, or you could help them to improve how they do business. Hopefully this list has broken down the process of choosing a photographer into manageable parts, that makes it seem less overwhelming!

Thanks to  Helen Batt Wedding Photographer for the article

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