Choosing your Perfect Wedding Photographer

By Missy Mo Wedding Photographer

Choosing your Perfect Wedding Photographer

Spring has finally landed and for the next few months it’s all about attending weddings or planning your own! If you are one of the lucky ones to be getting married, one important factor to think about in planning you wedding is your Wedding Photography! I know I am being a bit biased as I’m a Wedding Photographer, but once the food is eaten and the champagne is drunk, the only thing left to remember your special day are your WEDDING PICTURES. It can be very daunting looking for a Wedding Photographer…there are so many to choose from, where do you start and how do you know if they are any good or if you found that perfect ONE! There isn’t a correct answer for this…just follow these simple tips to iron out photographers you don’t want… 

Step One – lots of RESEARCH! Ask your friends and family (especially those has been through it already) on recommendations! Log on and Google….there are various ‘find’ a wedding photographer websites who’s already done the research for you and all you need to do is click and review. Don’t just go for the first one you come across...have a minimum of 3 to compare.

Step Two – what STYLE of photography are you looking for? Wedding photography has changed in the last 20 years. Photographers nowadays are much more creative and relaxed! If you have a particular style in mind, choose photographers who shoot in this way and you won’t be disappointed e.g. traditional, reportage / photojournalism, contemporary or vintage and try to use this as a guide in narrowing your search down to a handful.

Step Three – once you have decide the style of photography and you have narrowed your choices down to a handful…it’s time to MEET THE PHOTOGRAPHER face-to-face. Finding the right photographer depends on whether you like the photographer! You want to feel at ease with them and to tell them what you like and don’t like for your day. The more relaxed you are with your photographer the better the pictures will turn out.

Step Four – LOOK through at least a minimum of 3 complete weddings they have photographed in the past year (from bridal prep through to first dance). This will give you an indication on the style of photography they offer and if their photography style flows through. This will also iron out if the photographer is genuine or just an assistant!

Step Five - Don’t be afraid to ASK QUESTIONS! Few important questions you should consider asking:

  • Will you be the photographer attending our day? There are many photography agents out there that represent a lot of photographers. Who you see is not always who you will receive…make sure the photographer you are speaking to is the one attending your day!
  • Does the price include VAT? Some photographers will give a price accordingly to the couple’s budget and when they receive the final bill VAT of 20% has been added on top. Always finalise the total cost before confirming and you won’t have any nasty surprises a day before your wedding day.
  • Are you insured? Anything can happen from the photographers becoming suddenly ill to the memory card being corrupted. You want to make sure in the unlikely event something bad is to happen the photographer is insured. If you have done your research…met your photographer…looked through their work and asked lots of questions…you are well on your way in finding the Perfect Photographer for your wedding day.
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