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Elements that assure better wedding photo album design

Wedding photography looks great printed in an album

Wedding Album Design

A wedding is obviously an auspicious occasion and everyone wants those moments to stay afresh forever. Capturing those wonderful moments is best done with a perfect photo album design. However, to get things right and thus impress your customers, you have to pay attention towards a lot of elements. Prominent among the said are detailed below.

Lowered Opacity: There are certain photos that easily grab the viewer’s attention. This can cause him to lose a visual direction and the gracefulness of other images gets almost unnoticed. Lowering opacity of such images helps in manipulating the viewer’s focus. Gradient Fades: These furnish a lax transition between photos.

Gradient Fades can also be used for hiding certain parts of the pictures. Darker images are made to fade into black background and lighter pictures are usually dwindled to white backgrounds. Images on one another: There are certain instances when smaller images are positioned on larger ones by album design companies. This can be helpful when there is only limited space. Sequence actions can also be conveyed via this inset effect.

Blocks and Bars: When images fail to fit to a particular page, bars can be used for filling the remaining space. Also they provide framing. Blocks work well when an image collection doesn’t complete a rectangular shape.

Image spacing: Pristine and elegant look demands you to optimally provide spacing between the images. You can use tight or medium spacing as per the demands of situations. Negative spaces are also effective when you want certain images to grab more focus.

Borders for images: Visual boundaries are important in an album. It has great impact when white backgrounds have lighter images on it and darker images are placed on black backgrounds. Otherwise, images will seem untidy and blended to the backdrop.

Colour elements: Existing images needs to be enhanced sometimes. Colours can be selected from within the concerned images. If used optimally, they can surely complement the entire design rather than distracting the viewers. This is one of the most operative wedding album design tips. 

Fonts: Selecting fonts is pivotal as it avails a tone to the layout. Each font conveys different feel. For instance, script fonts provide a romantic and lighter feel while the Romanesque fonts reflects a sense of formal and classic feeling. Embellishments: Carefully using embellishments compliments the album tone. They should match either to the feel or image patterns used.

 The above tips and techniques can assist any company offering professional wedding album design services to succeed tremendously. 

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  • Belfast Wedding Photographer

    Belfast Wedding Photographer

    24 October 2016 at 15:56 | #

    I personally really dislike this style of album design. It is tired out dated and while there may be a certain type of couple that prefers this style ours certainly don't. In a few years time this style of album design will look very tired and dated and be remembered the way wedding albums with images of couples photoshoped into wine glasses etc. are now. The documentary/reportage style of album design works so much better. Images stand out more and unlike this sort of style will never look tired and dated in the same way.


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