How to choose a perfect wedding photographer

Choosing your Photographer

How to choose a perfect wedding photographer

The venue is booked, the dress is on order, now you need to think about booking your wedding photographer. Considering the cost of this service, you need to make sure the photographer capturing the images of your special day is the right person for you both and has a good understanding of the type of memories you want to achieve.

Your wedding will last one day but you will want to look back at the pictures for a lifetime. Check a website such as Find A Wedding Photographer for great wedding photographers in your region.

1. Do your research carefully, meet potential photographers. There are many great wedding photographers around; the trick is to find the one that suits you. Wedding fairs can give you an opportunity to meet different photographers in person and get a feel for their type of photography, as well as an idea of prices. Some photographers will invite you to come and talk through their portfolio and their style over a cup of tea. This is a good way to work out if you are going feel comfortable on the day with your photographer.

2. Stay traditional.Try and find a photographer with a classic style - you will want to feel happy with the pictures for many years to come. A mix of traditional and more modern angles can work well. Don't be overly impressed with special effects in some modern photography, they can date very quickly. Be wary of photographers that rely on Photoshop or other retouching software; it should just be used to enhance the natural light in the photographs.

3. Final images Images should be sharp, well-exposed, with good composition. Make sure they will provide high-resolution images so you can print copies of your photographs.

4. Budget. After finding your photographer for the day, it's time negotiate and understand the price, nobody wants unexpected costs to show up on the bill. Most wedding photographers offer a variety of wedding packages, depending on how many images you would like and how long they will be at the wedding. Make sure you understand fully the package you are signing up for and exactly what you can expect as a final result.

5. Photography list. Provide the photographer with a list of shots you would like so you both know what's expected from the day. A good photographer will suggest some shots but they should also be able to create a bespoke package for your needs. A list will assist the photographer but will also speed up the time it takes for the formal photographs, always appreciated by wedding guests!

6. How should the images be supplied? Many couples prefer their photographs to be supplied on disk rather than in wedding albums. Does the photographer provide an online gallery for friends and family to view the pictures? Maybe you'd like a combination of both prints and digital images? Ask the photographer which online options they offer. Remember to check whether you will retain copyright of the images, and make sure the images won't have a watermark so you can easily print off your own images.

If you do want a traditional photo album, ask to see some examples so you can approve the print finish. Ask what the delivery times are for albums, how quickly you can expect to see a digital proof of the album. Good luck with your wedding planning,

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