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Top ten ways to help your wedding photographer

There are many articles on wedding photography sites about questions you need to ask your wedding photographer before booking but what happens after you’ve chosen your wedding photographer?

There are several things you can do to make sure your wedding photography goes to plan. If you’ve booked a professional wedding photographer, they will advise you before the wedding of any extra information they need to help their planning. In the meantime, here’s a list of things you can do to help your wedding photographer.

  1. Travel: Make sure you check all the addresses and postcodes are correct and will take the photographer to the correct location. It sounds obvious but your photographer will probably be using Sat Nav, and an incorrect post code can cause havoc. This is especially true in the deepest darkest English countryside.
  2. Parking: Check for parking restrictions and reserve a space for the photographer at the Church - they like this!
  3. Food: Wedding photographers are human and like food. Make your wedding photographer happy by providing a meal. If anything this stops them from fainting during the first dance.
  4. Formal shots: prepare a list of essential formal photos and assign a couple of people with rounding up duties. This will make this part of the day run smoothly
  5. Change of plans: If you suddenly decide to move the speeches to between courses rather than at the end then let your wedding photographer know. They'll be busy eating that nice meal you’ve provided. This applies to any changes to the schedule on the day.
  6. Details: Think about how your venue is set up for the wedding. Is the cake placed in a dark corner next to a fire extinguisher? Will the speeches be taking place against a bright window? Will there be enough light during the ceremony? Candle light is romantic for a winter wedding, but your photographer won’t think so. Making a few simple changes to the venue set up can help your wedding photographer. 
  7. Family complications: We surveyed 2000 wedding photographers on our Linkedin group and any family complications were the one thing they all wish they were told before a wedding. Can save a bit of awkwardness during the group photos!
  8. Prepare a detailed itinerary: Send your photographer a nice document outlining the running order of your big day. This shouldn't be a detailed list of every shot you want. Most professional wedding photographers don’t work to lists of shots - they pretty much photograph everything that moves anyway - but a timetable of key events is handy.
  9. Smile a lot and stick together: simple but it makes it a lot easier for your photographer to get lots of great photos of the two of you throughout the day.
  10. Unusual events: Your arrival by helicopter and the £10000 worth of fireworks maybe a secret from the guests - but photographers like to be prepared for this kind of sudden unusual events. This also applies if you are rehearsing a YouTube-style first dance and are planning to throw each other around the dance floor!



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  • Thursday, 01 November 2012

Comments (3)

  • Christine


    05 November 2012 at 21:32 |
    Great article - thanks for posting this. Especially the food bit!


    • Lee Graham

      Lee Graham

      06 November 2012 at 12:16 |
      Thanks Christine - If anybody has any other good ideas or tips on how to help their wedding photographer then please post them here and we'll add them to the article.


  • Andrew


    06 November 2012 at 16:37 |
    Brilliant Article

    One I would add:
    Let your Photographer know if you have an official or un-official Videographer turning up on the day as it saves on the awkward moments and they can get together or talk before hand on working together rather than it being a surprise to find a big tripod stood where you were intending to stand etc

    Andrew Davies Photography


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