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Unobtrusive Wedding Photography

Crazy Wedding Photographers - extended version

Unobtrusive Wedding Photography

There are several wedding photography buzz words that many wedding photographers seem use on their websites to describe their style. Unobtrusive, relaxed, observational, documentary and reportage to name a few but all leading to the idea that you won’t really notice the photographer is there. They will be discreet and when you receive your wedding album you will be amazed at the many candid moments they have captured with you not really noticing. A great documentary wedding photographer will capture the essence of your day and tell your wedding story in an artistic and sympathetic way. And then there is this...

I wonder what buzz words they use to describe their style? Answers in the comments please.

The video was orginally uploaded to YouTube by wedding videographer Brett Hardeman

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Comments (5)

  • jasy


    04 December 2013 at 11:18 | #

    LOL - I've seen the shorter version of this before. If anything the photographer's technique in this video explains why so many vicars no longer allow photography during the ceremony unless it's from the back of the Church with no flash


  • Peter the professional photographer

    Peter the professional photographer

    04 December 2013 at 11:39 | #

    OK - they are using flash unnecessarily but is it only me that thinks they've been a bit stitched up? It's a 3 minute clip from what could have been an hour long ceremony. The video camera is locked off at the back of the Church filming the whole thing. Any wedding photographer would probably end up in some shots - what are we supposed to do? Be aware of every camera the videographer has set up and never get in it's way. For all we know the photographers could have been annoyed that the video crew was in their way the whole time. Seems like you could equally make a 20 minute edit where there are no photographers in shot. The camera always lies. The edit even more so.


    • Lee Graham

      Lee Graham

      04 December 2013 at 19:28 | #

      very funny "Peter"


  • Devon wedding photographer

    Devon wedding photographer

    04 December 2013 at 17:01 | #

    It's always a balancing act working with other suppliers at a wedding. On the flip side I've worked with inexperienced wedding videographers that are only concerned about capturing their footage and often far more than they'll ever require.


  • Linus Moran

    Linus Moran

    04 December 2013 at 17:21 | #

    I dont think the footage can be seen in any way shape or form as a stitch up. Blocking a videographer is of very little concern to me and always will be. Not that I have anything against them, more the case that the way I work would be of little inconvenience to them.

    Anyone witnessing a wedding ceremony, guests as well as 'professional' camera operators should always see the primary focus is on the couple. Anyone else present should NEVER detract anyone else attention away from the event.

    So this includes keeping quiet and adopting a subtle view point in order to record the event. What makes me laugh in the whole clip in how both photographers creep up the aisle, keeping low and then jump up over the top of the couple and shoot over their heads. Its a subtle as a brick and I bet the pictures are as a real let down.

    A wedding ceremony isn't a paparazzi photocall. It should never be a case of smash & grab - but this wedding certainly was. Oh I wish I could see the edited set of images ;-)

    All said & done, it was the B & G's responsibility to select their photographers. They clearly didn't research the subject and hired a bunch of monkeys and probably paid them peanuts!


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