Wedding Albums are a Waste of Time

Too many options make them impossible to sell

wedding albums

Isn’t it about time that we all threw in the towel and stopped trying to sell wedding albums to clients. The phrase flogging a dead horse comes to mind. Printed images are a thing of the past anyway, and brides just don’t seem receptive to the idea of paying an extra £700 or so on top of the fees for photography anymore. Who can blame them? Wedding albums are finished.

The problem is the album manufacturers. They have totally ruined the business.

Back in what photographers now call ‘the good old days’ every client booked a wedding album, and all wedding photographers offered very similar products at very similar prices. Lovely leather bound matted albums were the order of the day, filled with beautiful properly printed photographs on real photographic paper. Lovely objects lovingly made and treasured by clients and their families for generations. Then came the ‘Storybooks, wedding albums with the images printed on the pages and bound together into book form.

The Graphistudio albums spawned a horde of imitators, and for a while, this was great for business as they were ‘new’ and ‘different’ and everyone wanted one. New covers, paper thicknesses and finishes followed, and more covers, options and so on followed them. The album business became so competitive that the manufacturers were running over each other just to stand still. Now there are so many options that they are almost impossible to sell. It’s just too confusing for clients and a full-time job just keeping up with the latest developments for photographers.

So why don’t we all just give up? We all give clients the digital files anyway so why don’t all the big manufacturers open their doors to the general public and design the albums for them directly. Cut out the middleman. I for one would thank them as I’d no longer have to spend an hour in meetings going over cover options with clients who aren’t going to buy a wedding album anyway. It’s only a matter of time...

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  • Photostories - Martina

    Photostories - Martina

    23 May 2014 at 09:17 | #

    It's true that there is a lot of choice out there at the moment and it can definitely be overwhelming.
    However I believe it's up to the photographer to select only a very limited amount of options for a client's album, and possibly narrow it down to two at the most. It's our job to be the middle men (if we want to offer an album). If it's overwhelming for us, imagine how it would be for a couple that has no idea what is best. They would just give up and never print their photos - which is a shame because wedding albums are beautiful and it's what you tend to show your guests when they visit, what you take to you parent's if you want to show them the pictures.
    Wedding photos only delivered on disc or downloaded often end up being forgotten.
    Only my 2 cents obviously :)


  • Andrew Miller

    Andrew Miller

    09 September 2014 at 10:36 | #

    What a load of tosh. Most likely because you don't know HOW to sell wedding albums. A wedding album is the only tangible thing that will last. The cakes, the flowers, the shoes, the dress will all go by the way side or grow to small to get into. In 60 years time you can still be looking at your wedding images in an album. Can't say the same for a CD...


  • Belfast Wedding Photographer

    Belfast Wedding Photographer

    24 October 2016 at 15:55 | #

    Interesting sentiment but not an opinion I would share. Everyone has their own way of doing things albums/storybooks are very popular with the couples that book us. I would guess around 85% purchase a storybook from us. In my humble opinion photographers have got away for a long time hideously overcharging for albums and it can be difficult for couples to justify that cost when there are so many cheap options that they can access themselves without going through their wedding photographer. We never try and sell an album to our couples, we offer them of course but we just briefly explain the options we offer and then let the couple make up their own mind if that is the route they want to go down. We also sell storybooks at a price point that offers good value but covers our costs and time involved in designing their album without being over excessive. In this day and age photographers can not rely on using albums to bump up their profits any more.


  • Andrew


    15 May 2017 at 16:28 | #

    I have to agree with the above comments, no way are they a waste of time if anything they are coming back to popularity and they offer a chance to most importantly market yourself through the b&gs album which is shown about more than the photos most of the time. Price them right and make a little profit for your time and don't push them hard just let the couples decide.


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