Wedding Albums What Are They Worth?

Wedding Costs

Wedding Albums What Are They Worth?

You have set the date for your wedding, arranged the ceremony, booked the venue for the reception, ordered your wedding dress and the dresses for the bridesmaids, flicked through the brochures and picked your honeymoon destination. Yes you have been busy, but there is still more to be arranged and your budget is not as healthy as when you started.

OK what's still to be organised, there is the groom and bestman' s outfits, cake, flowers, photographer, cars the list goes on and on. How is the budget? Looks like you are going to overspend, not unusual, but is there anything that you can economise on.

The best way to make savings is to look at the highest cost first, of what's left on your list the photographer is likely to be the most expensive.

1) So what can I save, well let's get my uncle Harry he's got a good camera. Maybe not the best idea though it does put a lot of pressure on uncle Harry to get the shots and he is a guest at your wedding.

2) What about a photography student from the local college? Yes will be cheap and has loads of theory but lacks on the practical side not having shot a wedding.

3) To get the shots it looks like you need a professional wedding photographer, but how can you save money. You could strike the wedding album off the list and get the images on a CD.

With this option you will get the shots that you are looking for, but what will you do with the CD, chances are that if an album was not in the budget before your wedding, then after you have returned from your honeymoon you won't have the cash then either.

What I recommend is that you consider the following, before deciding on what you spend your money on. Wedding cars used for one to two hours. The dresses (very important) used for about twelve hours. Groom and Bestman's outfit used for about twelve hours. Meal and reception venue used for nine hours maximum. Photographer about ten hours. Honeymoon one or two weeks.

Wedding album the REST OF YOUR LIFE. When your wedding day has passed and you have returned from honeymoon, the only physical things that you will have are your SPOUSE, YOUR DRESS and YOUR WEDDING ALBUM. As excited as you are when planning your wedding CHOOSE WISELY HOW YOU SPEND YOUR MONEY .

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