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If you already have a listing on Find a Wedding Photographer and need to access your account then just select the Free Plan and then log in as usual.

Listings are free on Find a Wedding Photographer. If you like what we do then we would appreciate a link on your links page or a mention on your blog  You can find more details here - thanks!

Who can use The Wedding Photographers Network?

The Wedding Photographers Network can be used by wedding photographers for free but you must have an active directory listing on the site.

Please make sure that you have submitted a listing to Find a Wedding Photographers main wedding photography directory pages. You must have an active listing displayed on your profile page or your account may be deleted. The listing can be either a paid listing or a free listing.

To create a listing please login to Find a Wedding Photographer

Then go to the add an entry page

To pay for a listing please visit the Find a Wedding Photographer store

For a free listing please add a link to us on your links page!

You can find instructions for linking to us here

Please let us know when you have added the link so we can approve your listing.

If your profile page is deleted then you will have to start again so make sure you add the link. Photographers who have paid for advertising don't need to add the link.


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