Why we love Confetti shots!

A set of wedding pictures without a confetti shot just has something missing !

With all the red-tape and rules and regulations about these days, it isn't always easy to spontaneously throw confetti about - but with a little planning and preparation that quintessential wedding shot will be yours !  It symbolises a kind of rite of passage and is exactly the kind of fun and colourful image that couples always love to look back on for years to come.

To be successful, a confetti shot needs to be orchestrated by your photographer, so make sure that you have organised a definite time and place - don't leave it to chance !  If the wedding party forms a tunnel through which the couple walk, this often works very well, and remember that you need A LOT of confetti for a really great shot - dribs and drabs just don't have the same impact.

Sometimes it's difficult logistically to distribute confetti to your guests - leaving confetti parcels behind your ceremony chairs is a nice idea, and of course, you will already have checked with your venues if confetti is allowed - people are more inclined to agree if you use natural petal confetti, which is made from freeze-dried flower petals and is completely bio-degradeable, though more expensive.

If confetti is not allowed, however,  fear not - a bubble shot can be just as fun and photogenic - and the moment tends to last longer !

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