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Perfect, creative, stylish and fabulous photography!
Karen was wonderful; she's creative, passionate and full of ideas and inspirations. We were really impressed by the lengths she was prepared to go to; the engagement shoot was great and it gave us the chance to get to know each other. We were both nervous about having our photos taken, but Karen made us feel much more comfortable and at ease and offered very helpful tips to bring out our best in front of the camera!

The photographs of the day itself were stunning, her devotion and attention to detail was superb and she managed fabulous documentary shots without ever being obtrusive. Shepherding loads of people into position in front of an ice-cream van was not an easy task but she managed it brilliantly and our family and friends adore the results. We'd recommend her to anyone - in fact my Mum is getting married shortly and Karen is the first and only person she wanted!!

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