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Karolina was amazing!
From start to finish Karolina was amazing!
When we were right at the start of planning our wedding, we listed all of the things that were most important to us: and the photography was top of the list. Above food, above 'the dress'.. yes! We are so happy that we found Karolina. Her photographs were beautiful - wonderful (and varied) moments of emotion and humour captured with an amazing eye for lighting and composition. They were exactly what we had hoped for, and more! Nothing felt staged, and for the most part I had no idea where she was at any given moment - and yet somehow she captured all of the important things, all of the things I remembered, and a whole bunch of things I hadn't even noticed! Karolina was great to work with, from a phone call a few days before the wedding to discuss details, to the emails following the wedding day, she was always professional, organised and punctual.
On the day she was friendly and personable (no surprises there, we met up in person several months beforehand and she was lovely then too!), and all of the guests loved her. You can tell that everyone felt comfortable. My partner and I couldn’t be more pleased with the photographs of our wedding day. They truly capture the atmosphere of the day and tell a story. We hardly noticed where Karolina was throughout the day, which meant we were relaxed and the photographs are natural.If you are looking for a photographer who will capture genuine images of your day, nothing airbrushed or stilted - and yet somehow still looking like they belong in a gallery - this is your woman. Can't recommend enough!
When choosing your photographer it can feel very overwhelming about how much to spend and what style you want, but I can say confidently that Karolina is worth every penny! We also had a wonderful and unforgettable photo shoot in Paris :)
Together with James, we know that this is not our last meeting with Karolina and her photographic talent. She became part of our family.
Thank you Ela & James
PS.Ricky you are amazing!!! You are also a big part of these beautiful pictures!Thank you :)

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