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Hot Shot: Green Barn at Night

wedding photography by Baildon Wedding Photography

Bride and Groom in a Green Barn at Night

Wedding photographer: Sadie Ferriday - Baildon Wedding Photography

Photo Title: Green Barn at Night

Photo details: Kel and Wes were so much fun and wanted some wow shots from their wedding they could have on their wall. After their first dance, I saw an opportunity to light up one of the barns at their wedding venue East Riddlesden Hall in West Yorkshire. The sequence of night shots also included another backlit shot which captured the rain as well as highlighting the unique features of their wedding venue.

About the photographer: I'm a wedding photographer based in Yorkshire. I work at lots of different venues across Yorkshire but must admit that East Riddlesden Hall is one of my favourites due to its unique features. It's also really nearby and takes less than 15 minutes for me to get home!

Photographer Details: Sadie Ferriday - Baildon Wedding Photography

Confidentiality and Non Disclosure Agreements

Have Clients Thought This Through

Confidentiality and Non Disclosure Agreements

A few years ago I encountered the occasional client who would ask for what is known as an NDA (None Disclosure Agreement). They were usually people in the public eye, footballers, actors and TV personalities. They obviously didn’t want to lose control of their wedding photos and find them plastered all over a wedding photographer’s website. Or worse still, sold on to one of the red top newspapers. It was fine by me - attracting these kinds of clients was a sign that I was getting somewhere - and I always charged a healthy premium for the NDA.

Occasionally I’d have a meeting with someone and their desire to protect the images was baffling. I remember one groom insisting that a clause was written into the contract that he was to own the copyright - this was something I always refuse in any circumstances. Turned out he was a professional footballer who played for Bolton Wanderers, but as I have no interest in any team other than the mighty Manchester United, this meant I hadn’t heard of him. I don’t think many Bolton fans had heard of him either as he was rarely in the first eleven - or the second eleven. I suppose some people are just famous in their own heads. I lost the booking as I wouldn’t agree to his terms. Bolton Wanderers have been on a steady decline ever since and are about to be relegated. None of their players has been paid for months. This I believe is called Karma. Never mess with a photographer - we have special powers.


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