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Real Wedding: Paul and Eeva at Alpheton Hall Barns

Photography by UK Wedding Photography

UK Wedding Photographer

Bride and Groom: Paul and Eeva

Wedding venue: Alpheton hall barns is situated in gorgeous, rural Suffolk. It features huge grounds, including photogenic fields, lush garden areas and the nearby parish Church. There is plenty of space for up to 250 guests both inside the barn and in the outdoor garden. 

Eeva and paul made an amazing effort adding their personal touches to the wedding venue, and the enthusiasm of the organiser running the place was very infectious! He was extremely accommodating and made sure everything was running smoothly from start to finish.  Venue Website

What's the Point of Second Shooters?

Are Two Photographers Really Better Than One?

Second Photographer Warning

There are numerous conspiracy theories surrounding the the death of professional wedding photography or the exponential race to the bottom as it’s known in the office. I’ve mentioned a few reasons for the decline here on the Secret Wedding Photographer blog, such as free engagement shoots. Some will claim that the big camera manufacturers don’t care about us pros and much in the same way that Apple virtually ditched development of professional work stations and support for professional applications (farewell Aperture) the big camera companies are now focused on making photography easier and cheaper for consumers. Let's leave for another post! 

There is another far sinister factor - the Second Shooter, lurking in the background. I’m old enough to remember life before the second shooter. The days of a now mythical creature - the photographers assistant. A useful beast who knew his place. I even employed one once who didn't want to be a photographer. He liked assisting. Having an assistant is great. They carry your bags. Make sure everything is working. Move lights around and hold reflectors. They were an amazing thing. Unfortunately they are rarely seen now. Commercially no one will pay for them. They have been made extinct by the birth of the second shooter. Another disastrous idea for the wedding photography business.

Shooting Another Photographer's Wedding

The Photographer’s Wedding Photographer

The Photographer's Wedding Photographer

I’d known Ben since college where we studied photography together from 2000-2003 in Kent.  A talented photographer, he had been short-listed for numerous photo awards including the prestigious Taylor Wessing Portrait Prize. Having both freelanced for a few years we had many mutual friends, many of whom were also photographers.

When he asked me to photograph HIS wedding I felt honoured but I also knew I was going to be in for an interesting day as I’d be covering a wedding with some of the world’s top photographers present as guests! No Pressure ;)  I guess you know you’re good when another photographer asks you to be their wedding photographer! 

Wedding Photography Hot Shot: Exchanging Rings

Wedding Photography by Emily Crutcher

Bride and Groom Exchanging Rings

Wedding photographer: Emily Crutcher

Photo Title: Exchanging Rings

Photo details: Naomi and Steve exchange rings at Archbishop's Palace, Maidstone Kent at their wedding ceremony.

About the photographer: I'm a relaxed, documentary photographer - which means I will blend in like a guest at your nuptials for the most part. I want to capture you at your most natural state rather than posing you. I love the challenge that photography brings. Honesty, raw emotion, wistful tears, goofy faces and artistic beauty are my tools. I take friend and family group shots, but that is the main part of my direction - it's your big day and I'm there for you!

Photographer Details: Emily Crutcher Photography