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Picture Links

Picture Link on Find a Wedding Photographer.

Appears below the Featured Listings but above the standard and free listings. A great way to get your advert on page one of your chosen area. You can add the Picture Link to all the sub-categories of this area/category. Picture links display the 'Top Pick' badge on the category pages and feature a larger 300px by 100px image/advert

Picture Link listing appears below Featured Listings but above free listings and standard listings. We will find the highest available spot on page one of your area.

  • As much descriptive text as you like
  • Up to 20 images in your image gallery
  • Website link
  • Direct email link
  • You can add this listing to one area or category + You can add the Picture Link to all the sub-categories of this area.
  • No need for a reciprocal link
  • A picture or logo graphic at 300 by 100px, which appears in category view
  • Your listing is moved up to page one of your chosen area
  • Advertising lasts 1 year and your renewal fee is fixed as long as you renew on time
  • Log in and edit the listing as often as you like
  • Picture links display the 'Top Pick' badge on the category pages

Picture Links are now 300 by 100px and are uploaded through the gallery upload section of the add an entry form. Just upload to your gallery and move your advert to be the first image in the gallery - then please email us the original file to place on the server.