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Wedding Photography Hot Shot: Grumpy Old Vicar

Jason Pierce-Williams at Neopan Wedding Photography

wedding photograph of grumpy Vicar in Church

Wedding photographer: Jason Pierce-Williams at Neopan Wedding Photography

Photo Title: Grumpy Old Vicar

Photo details: Got to love this shot of the vicar hamming it up with a half empty (or half full?) pint of guiness. A memorable sermon and a memorable gentleman.

About the photographer: I’ve been shooting for ten years. 300 and counting. I shoot an almost entirely natural and candid style of photography as I am also a street and portrait photographer.

Photographer Details: NeoPan Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography Hot Shot: Grandma

Milosz at MMW Studio photography

wedding photo of bride and groom with Grandma

Wedding photographer: Milosz at MMW Studio photography

Photo Title: Grandma

Photo details: I saw this situation when the grandma was standing in front taking a look on Bride and Groom. I just had to shoot this picture. The only camera I had in hand was old Canon 5d mk1 - so just used it. As it was almost completely dark, and autofocus system in 1st generation of 5d was rubbish - I decided to manual focus. And that was good decision. Image was shot on 1/15s hand-held.

About the photographer: Based in Warwickshire, next to Birmingham. I'm award winning photographer who specialise in high quality reportage style with fine-art background.

Photographer Details: MMW Studio

Wedding Photography Hot Shot: Close Encounters

Wedding Photography by Steven Carter Hewson

wedding photography Italy

Wedding photographer: Steven Carter Hewson

Photo Title: Close Encounters

Photo details: This picture was taken at the destination wedding of Maria and Andreas at Piccolo Paradiso in Italy. The wedding had one of the most incredible light shows I have ever seen at a wedding. It was seriously dark though and I resorted to manually focussing here as the 5Dmk2 absolutely refused to focus in this low light. Shot with the 24mm at 1/80s, f/1.4, 6400 iso.

About the photographer: My aim is simple; to provide the most unique and beautiful collection of photographs telling the story of your special day. Photographs that will last a lifetime and beyond.

Photographer Details: Steven Carter Hewson Wedding Photography