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Wedding Photography Hot Shot: Veil

Wedding Photography by Keith Smith

wedding photography bridal portrait with veil

Wedding photographer: Keith Smith

Photo Title: Veil

Photo details: This image is from a pre-wedding shoot taken at our studio in Morpeth. I used my Nikon D4 with a 105mm 2.8 Macro lens shot at f14, ISO 100

About the photographer: I am Keith Smith - photographer at Funkyhat Photography, we cover the whole of the North East and have a studio in Morpeth, Northumberland. 

Our style is all about emotion and fun times had by all during the wedding day. We love capturing unique moments when least expected. During the day we always remember how long it has taken the bride and groom to plan and aim to capture all the detail that makes a wedding unique.

Photographer Details: Funky Hat Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography Hot Shot: Piano

Wedding Photography by Corrado Chiozzi

back-lit wedding photography - bride and groom

Wedding photographer: Corrado Chiozzi

Photo Title: Piano

Photo details: Wedding of an Indian bride and German groom that took place in central London. The image has been take with available light at 24mm full frame digital.

About the photographer: I am an Italian photographer based in London. I cover UK and Italy as well

Photographer Details: Corrado Chiozzi Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography - B/W vs Colour

B/W vs Colour

Wedding Photography - B/W vs Colour

Photography is said to be a very subjective thing so, all the following is only my opinion as a photograher and observer. Weddings are a celebration full of emotion and captured moments and presenting them as a story leads to many a discussion of distractions via colour. Life is full of colour - lack of colour usually represents dull, lifeless and void of joy. So, why do so many photographers insist on using black and white to represent one of the most joyous days of life? Can we really argue that seeing a photograph in colour actually distracts from the emotion of that scene?