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Wedding Photography Hot Shot: Wedding Portrait

Miracle-Moments wedding photographer London

Bride and Groom Wedding Portrait

Wedding photographer: Miracle-Moments wedding photographer London

Photo Title: Wedding Portrait

Photo details: Flares on the photo were done on the wedding day. It is not photoshopped thing, but I will keep details about it as my secret :D 

About the photographer: Hi, I am Bart and I drink too much coffee and eat spicy food, especially when I grow chillies in my garden.

I work as a wedding photographer and I am based in London but during my career, I shoot more wedding outside of the London and some destination weddings, so I can say I cover pretty much every part of the world. I am always happy to meet new people, photographers so if you bored and wanna chat, hit me up.

Photographer Details: Miracle-Moments wedding photographer London

Wedding Photography Hot Shot: Tuscan Bride

Perfect Day Photography

Perfect Day Wedding Photography - Tuscan Bride

Wedding photographer: Perfect Day Photography

Photo Title: Tuscan Bride

Photo details: The portrait is of stunning bride Fernanda shot at Villa Magiacane, Florence. The sun was disappearing fast when i suggested to Fernanda we shoot some pictures in the beautiful gardens. I shot through some glass ornaments hanging from a tree to give the image depth and the backlit sun offered some interesting bokeh.

About the photographer: I specialise in beautiful, stylish and creative contemporary  documentary wedding photography. By documenting what unfolds I captures the essence of the wedding - the laughter, the tears, the joy and all of the emotions of the day. London based, I have photographed weddings from Cornwall to the Orkney Islands, Florence and Marrakech.

Photographer Details: Perfect Day Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography Hot Shot: Finally, we did

Wedding Photography by Corrado Chiozzi

wedding photography of Bride Jumping with Bridesmaids

Wedding photographer: Corrado Chiozzi

Photo Title: Finally, we did

Photo details: The bride, in the middle, and her bridesmaids on the sides, in a beautiful sunny day, just outside London, after the cerimony. I was not really convinced about the shoot because was midday anche the light very hard, but and the end I was happy of the outcome, and - the important - the bride as well. I work with digital full frame camera - but I'm starting to use a film camera as well - and my favourite lens is a Carl Zeiss manual focus, the best for my taste, the one I took this picture.

About the photographer: I'm an Italian Photographer based in Central-East London. working in all over UK and sometimes in Italy as well, available for all the Europe.

Photographer Details: Corrado Chiozzi

Wedding Photography Hot Shot: A Drink Before The "Yes"

Wedding Photography by Corrado Chiozzi

Bridal Portrait Wedding Photography

Wedding photographer: Corrado Chiozzi

Photo Title: A Drink Before The "Yes"

Photo details: This image has been taken before the cerimony, after the "getting ready". The bride was having a drink with her bridesmaids in a garden. The Image has been taken with a digital camera and a prime lens.

About the photographer: I'm a wedding photographer based in central-east London, covering Uk, Italy and all over the Europe.

Photographer Details: Corrado Chiozzi Wedding Photography


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