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Wedding Photography Hot Shot: Kissing in the Rain

Image by James Heffernan

Wedding Photography Hot Shot: Kissing in the Rain

Wedding photographer: James Heffernan

Photo Title: Kissing in the rain

Photo details: This photo was taking at The Barnyard, Upchurch. Julie and Pete had had glorious sunshine all day, but as soon as it came to the reception the heavens opened up and there was torrential rain. 

I had been wanting to do a shot like this for years, but it had never rained at a wedding for me, so when I saw it raining I approached the couple and they were well up for it! 

This is lit by a single flash, hand held by an assistant who is crouched down behind the couple getting drenched...the rain managed to kill my cheap ebay wireless triggers...but it was worth it

About the photographer: I am a wedding photographer based in Kent, and covering the whole of the south east. I have just finished filming with Sky Living for their Battle of the Brides tv show, where I was the photographer for the series

Photographer Details: Funky Pixel

Wedding Photography Hot Shot: Stormy Start to a Marriage

Image by Dirk Van Der Werff

Bride and Groom in a Storm - wedding photography

Wedding photographer: Dirk Van Der Werff

Photo Title: Stormy Start to a Marriage

Photo details: Lewis and Leila ..... 
His dad worked in the shipyards at Sunderland and they're both strong Labour supporters, so they thought getting married at the Sunderland International Glass centre was perfect as it was at the mouth of the Rover Wear with Cranes about too, and a former shipbuilding quayside site 

By the time I got them onto the glass roof, there was a break in a huge storm, the roof was still soaking wet, but a shaft of sunlight caught them with the dark brooding skies. 
All I did was turn it to black and white as I preferred it.

About the photographer: Pro photographer for 32 years .. editorial, PR, marketing ... last 5 years exclusively weddings across the UK and abroad .. natural, chilled out wedding photography where it's all about the whole day and everyone, NOT just the bride and groom

Photographer Details: Dirk Van Der Werff