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Make your wedding photography run smoothly

Help your wedding photographer

Bride throwing flowers - wedding photography

So you've spent a lot of time on Find a Wedding Photographer. Saved a list of favourites. Made some enquiries and been to a few appointments. Seen some great wedding photography portfolios and finally booked a top professional wedding photographer to cover your big day. You can sit back and relax knowing that the photography for your wedding is in safe hands. However there are a few things you can do to make sure everything runs smoothly during the event. 

We've carried out a unique survey of over 2000 wedding photographers on our Linkedin group where we asked them "What do you wish your clients had told you before the wedding" and so after months of painstaking research we are pleased to be able to bring you a brand new article in our help and advice section - Top Ten Ways to Help your Wedding Photographer

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Signature Frames | Cadremont wedding photograph framing

A great idea for your wedding day

Signature Frames | Cadremont wedding photograph framing

Trends come and go , fashion styles go round and round and when you are a wedding photographer in today’s highly competitive market then you need to offer more than you used to.

Some photographers offer a pre wedding shoot, others cover the day time and night events. We’ve seen some photographers offer video and websites as part of the package.

Wedding Photography - Pro or Amateur? by Dominic Lee, AMPA

Why book a professional wedding photographer

In days of film, many would-be photographers couldn’t cope with the long sleepless weekend waiting to see if the “Photos came out” and gave up on the career before they even got started.

The Digital camera was probably invented by a wedding photographer. Seeing the results instantly he or she can head home knowing they’ve got the job covered.

Suddenly there are thousands of wedding photographers where there used to be dozens.

As a result, a whole new style of wedding photography has emerged. I’m not talking about fancy words like “Reportage” which in fact has been around for decades, in the 70s & 80s it was called “Off the Cuff”.