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Wedding Photographer Required:

Not got time to post many of these but could do with a couple of extra photographers to send this quote...
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could do with some new submissions for publication if anyone is interested!

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New Site Features - Real Weddings

We're currently working on a new site design and adding some new features - A Real Wedding section will be added to the blog. You can see...

UK Wedding Photographers Group

Wedding Photographer Required: 26.05.2018
Location :St Michaels Church Linlithgow then on to The Parsonage@Dunmore Park
Message me for details

£0-750 too broad?
Also, 'Rather Not Say' really winds me up.

Lee Graham do you mean on 'findaquote' - I guess some people would rather not say what their budget is when requesting a quote. What price range would you suggest? Would you tell a builder you had a £20000 budget for a kitchen.Surely they'd just quote £20000? 2 years ago

Helloo if anyone is looking for a wedding second shooter or photography assistant, please get in touch!

This just popped up as the top topic, it got me worried then haha!

Hello all. Came here from The Netherlands last year and hoping to spread my wings in the UK. Please check out www.jeffpardoen.com!


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