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Left it a bit late to book your wedding photographer or maybe you have just started searching for a wedding photographer and have no idea of what price you might have to pay in your area.

Use our 'findaquote' service to request quotes from Wedding photographers in Wales. It's a great way to compare wedding photography prices and to check the availability of local wedding photographers without spending hours looking at websites.

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There are details for all kinds of Wedding Photographers in Wales offering many styles from photojournalistic Reportage to artistic Contemporary wedding photography in the Wales area. We also have listings for Budget and Affordable Wedding Photographers in Wales.

Wedding Photographers Prices in Wales

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Wedding photography prices in Wales vary from budget prices to high end and luxury options. You really need to decide what you are looking for from your wedding photographer and getting some prices from wedding photographers through our quote request forms is a good starting point.

Most Wales wedding photographers prices will include packages for luxury storybook albums to reduced rates for smaller midweek registry office weddings. If you are getting married out of season or midweek then it is worth checking if their prices include a discount for your wedding date. Prices range from £500 for small registry office weddings to £1000 or under for larger weddings out of season. Expect to pay about £1450 for an experienced wedding photographer for key summer dates and over £2200 for a package that includes a wedding album.

These prices are for guidance only, Wedding photography is a very competitive business in 2019 and some photographers will offer discounts depending on how busy they are.

Many wedding photojournalists are always on the lookout for interesting and unusual weddings to shoot and so if you think your wedding story is particularly unusual then you may find a lot of documentary-style specialists will be keen to book your wedding.

Others will be keen to work at certain venues either because it is close to where they are based or because they know it is a spectacular location and they want to get some images for their portfolios.

For these reasons, it Is always worth getting as many quotes as possible, even from photographers who may seem to be a bit over your maximum budget - you never know, you may be able to pick up a bargain at reduced rates.

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Getting Married in Wales

Wales is a country that is part of the United Kingdom. It is bordered by England to the East, the Irish Sea to the North and West, and the Bristol Channel to the South. It is mostly mountainous and has over 1,680 miles of stunning coastline, three national parks, waterfalls, rivers and 398 natural lakes! It has some of the most dramatic scenery in the world as well as about 100 fascinating historical castles. There is no shortage of choice regards to venues for your wedding, and so we believe that photographers working in Wales are fortunate!

Once you have chosen the date and venues for your wedding, then the next stage in planning should be hiring a professional photographer who is familiar with the area.

Wedding Photography in Wales

There are many fantastic wedding photographers in Wales, and they’ll be used to the wonderfully dramatic landscape and dealing with any changeable weather. It might be worth checking CADW which is the Welsh Governments Historic Service - they conserve Wales’s heritage and manage many of the most beautiful areas as they can tell you which sites are available for wedding photographs. Your photographer should be able to advise you with this. The three National parks have different policies on photography, for example, most of the land of Snowdonia is privately owned, and you will need to ensure the landowner’s permission first.

Some of the best, high-end luxury wedding photographers are based in Wales, but there is also an excellent selection of budget wedding photographers offering packages for under £1000. You should expect to pay a bit less than the UK average price of around £1450 for a fantastic photographer for your wedding.


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