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Wedding Photography Tips

Find a Wedding Photographer InformationWedding Photographers are listed by UK area and by style of wedding photography offered by wedding photographers in London, England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. You can also use our 'findaquote' service to request wedding photographers prices or browse our Featured Photographers' Portfolios. If you have wedding photography questions then try our Wedding Photography Answers

Wedding Photography or Wedding Videography | Stop Motion Weddings

Stop motion wedding video

Filmed by cool image-makes Bayly & Moore, this short film shows Marina and Andy getting married in immaculately detailed style in the gorgeous old Melbourne suburb of Fitzroy. Featuring a classic town hall, an inside swing, brand new moustaches (!?), vintage fur trimmings and a New York finish. These guys nailed every wonderful moment! It's fantastically inspirational, we think, particularly for a budget wedding.

Choosing your Perfect Wedding Photographer

By Missy Mo Wedding Photographer

Choosing your Perfect Wedding Photographer

Spring has finally landed and for the next few months it’s all about attending weddings or planning your own! If you are one of the lucky ones to be getting married, one important factor to think about in planning you wedding is your Wedding Photography! I know I am being a bit biased as I’m a Wedding Photographer, but once the food is eaten and the champagne is drunk, the only thing left to remember your special day are your WEDDING PICTURES. It can be very daunting looking for a Wedding Photographer…there are so many to choose from, where do you start and how do you know if they are any good or if you found that perfect ONE! There isn’t a correct answer for this…just follow these simple tips to iron out photographers you don’t want… 

Finding your Perfect Wedding Photographer

Selecting a wedding photographer

Finding your Perfect Wedding Photographer

We received a couple of emails a few days ago from Brides asking if we could help them find a wedding photographer. Well yes of course - this is Find a Wedding Photographer after all. They are both getting married in London and so we just redirected them to our London wedding photographers portfolios. Made sense, as this section of the site is for people getting married in London!

However one thing to keep in mind these days is that many wedding photographers will travel. You don't necessarily need a local wedding photographer to cover your wedding.

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